Service Central can provide comprehensive merchant services for your business.

Merchant Services are those processes which enable your business to take payment on card from your customer.

New to card payments?

If you are new to card transactions Service Central will provide the help and support you need. From the moment you contact us, we will guide you through what can be a very complex market.

Looking for a new provider?

If you are looking to switch providers, look no further; Service Central will guarantee to beat rates levied by your current provider and even help you with exit fees.

Service Central is an experienced merchant service provider. We can take the hassle out of taking payment electronically. We will make sure payments are secure and that you are Payment Card Industry compliant. We will sell or rent you the terminals and mobile swipe machines that you need. If you make sales online, we will link up with your e-commerce store.

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What device is best for me?

Service Central provides a whole range of devices to suit any business.

Desktop Devices –

These devices connect via a wire to your internet router or telephone line, usually used within smaller stores. They offer a amount of structure as they can’t be moved and be lost.

We have a very wide range of devices however our most popular is the Ingenico Desk 5000 which is durable and easy to use.

This device allows you to take all kinds of payments with a terminal which is always stood on your desk or till. We can even offer a pin pad solution which allows the customer to enter their pin number on a seperate device, increasing security and hygiene.

Cordless Devices

These devices are able to be picked up and moved around, they have a durable battery which is charged so you do not need to worry about it running out of power.

These devices can be connected via a Wifi or bluetooth connection in your business.

Our Verifone M240 device connects to your home or business Wifi, and takes all kinds of payments including contactless.

Mobile Devices:

A mobile device is a device which can be used outside of the business, as it has a SIM card within.

Our SIM cards come preinstalled and connect to the best network to allow no dark spots.

Our Ingenico Move 5000 (3G) device allows you to be able to take the device to your customer without a need for a wire

Smart Terminals

A smart terminal is a device which does much more than the standard taking of payments, it can be used to do many other things.

Our smart terminals are our most beautiful and popular mobile payment terminals which allows you to connect to a SIM or a Wifi connection.

The devices accept both traditional and alternative payment methods, including NFC contactless, QR code scan, mobile and wallet payments, Chip & PIN and Swipe and can be easily moved around your property or community.

Taking payments, and monitoring sales have never been easier with the Service Central Smart Terminals.


At Service Central we provide a full E-commerce solution. We can provide integration to most platforms and fantastic value pricing. We can also provide support to your developers too to help get the most out of your solution.

Our Ecommerce solutions are also compliant with the latest 3D-Secure legislation as well meaning that you have complete confidence.

Virtual Terminal

Our virtual terminals are a fantastic way to take payments remotely, with pay by link solutions and the ability to take payments over the phone with a secure platform. These are perfect for office environments but really can be ideal for all business sectors. Full support is provided as you would expect and our pricing is very competitive.

We have successfully supplied virtual terminals to all types of businesses, from call centres to florists, and garage’s.

What makes us better?

There are lots of merchant services providers out there, but few can tailor services to the needs of small businesses like Service Central can. We welcome business from much larger clients, too. We are confident that for merchant services, we can provide you with the right solutions for your business. Solutions that will make sure you don’t have to worry about the payment process, leaving you more time to build your business.

Jargon Buster

Do all the terms used in merchant services confuse you? Well check out our jargon buster below.

  •  Acquiring Banks
  •  E-Commerce
  •  Payment Gateway
  •  Interchange
  •  Issuing Bank
  •  Merchant Account
  •  Point of Sale
  •  EPOS (electronic point of sale)
  •  Contactless
  •  PDQ
  •  Payment Terminal
  •  Shopping Cart

Acquiring Banks (also known as Merchant Banks)

An acquiring bank (or acquirer) is a bank that accepts and processes card payments across networks including MasterCard and Visa on a merchant’s behalf. The card network then connects to the issuing bank (the merchant’s own bank) via a payment gateway to verify pending transactions. The acquiring bank assumes full responsibility for any risk involved with processes transactions.


E-commerce is short for ‘electronic commerce’, a term used to describe any commercial transactions conducted across the Internet.

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is the software that transmits financial information between the acquiring bank and the issuing bank in order to authorise payments. Security plays an integral part of payment gateways as credit and debit card data needs to be protected during this process to prevent fraud.


Interchange fees describe the fees that the merchant’s bank account pays each time a customer makes a card based transactions. The fees are paid to the acquiring bank to cover the potential cost associated with approving payments.

Issuing Bank

An issuing bank is the merchant’s bank account provider and is responsible for the customers’ ability to repay the debts accumulated on either credit cards or other sources of credit.

Merchant Account

A merchant account is a type of bank account that enables businesses to accept payments in multiple ways, usually credit and debit card transactions.  A merchant account is created under an agreement between an acceptor and an acquiring bank and each merchant account has its own account number, meaning the business can take ownership of each transaction.

Point Of Sale (POS)

Also known as POS, point of sale is the physical location a payment for goods or services are carried out  – and cover everything from cash payments to card transactions

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)

Also known as EPOS, specifically refers to digital or electronic POS systems that encompass transactions made outside of the point of sale (POS) location. EPOS transactions are usually made via computers or specialised terminals that combine hardware such as cash draws, card payment machines and barcode readers to complete transactions. EPOS systems have wide-ranging functionality and companies often use them to draw accurate stock-level statistics or sales data to help run operations more efficiently.  Many EPOS systems are cloud-based allowing information to be pulled from anywhere with an Internet connection.


In relation to merchant services, contactless refers to technologies that allow certain types of debit or credit cards to contact wirelessly to an electronic card reader in order to make a card payment or issue a refund. Contactless payments can now also be made using mobile phones using apps such as Apple Pay and Paypal


PDQ stands for ‘Process Data Quickly’ and is often used to describe a chip and pin machine or card reader.

Payment terminal

A payment terminal, also known as a point of sale terminal, card terminal or simply a terminal is a device which interfaces with debit or credit cards to make electronic funds transfers. It can also be used to refer to POS and EPOS systems.

Shopping Cart

In the merchant services industry, a shopping cart is an electronic commerce software that acts as the user-interface for customers shopping online. Shopping cart software can include a wide-range of features to help simplify the user journey and can provide useful insights through the use of cookies to track user activity. Shopping carts can also be programmed to help with up-selling products, managing inventory, fulfilling orders and collecting customer data.

The shopping cart software doesn’t act as a payment gateway itself but rather communicates directly with gateways to process payments.

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