Sunmi T2

The Sunmi T2 is the “All In ONE” solution for any business, amazing quality wide touch screen, integrated printer, and a powerful operating system powered by Android. The T2 supports most of our platforms and is perfect for all types of business, it also attracts a very low footprint in terms of space. 

When you choose T2, you’ll be amazed at its smooth operation. T2’s quality is also guaranteed by a cutting-edge processor and SUNMI OS, making your device always smooth like a new one.

Run by Android 7.1, it has enhanced safety and stability, and faster software running speed.

Sunmi T2 Mini

The T2 mini takes all the powerful features of an Android powered Epos into a small compact device. The lay flat design adds some real individual concept and style. This device is perfect for smaller sites where space is at a real premium but capability is still crucial.

SUNMI T2 MINI is an all-in-one Android POS terminal which is more compact, intelligent powerful and future-proof. It is perfect for use in various business scenarios including retail, petrol station, convenience store, etc. 11.6″ IPS multi-touch capacitive HD screen offers you clear display effect and wide viewing angle, which can be applied in indoor & outdoor environments. The built-in large memory enables customer to store more promotional photos, videos, advertisements and files, etc.

Sunmi T2 Lite

The T2 Lite takes a traditional design concept and adds a modern twist, with both mono and customer facing designs available it really is a complete device. Running Android, it is very powerful and can run the software needed for any business needs.

When you choose T2 Lite, you’ll be amazed at its smooth operation. The quality of T2 Lite is also guaranteed by a cutting-edge processor and SUNMI OS, making your device always smooth like a new one.

Main screen is upgraded to 15.6″ while the customer display screen to 10.1″, bringing unmatched visual experience.

Partner Tech PAT120

The Partner Tech PAT 120 really is the most versatile device we provide. It’S a complete design consisting of a screen, docking station and printer. Its flipping design means the screen can be used by both the staff and the client with real ease and the detachable docking station means that the screen doubles up as a tablet creating complete mobility. The Multi Vector approach really does offer something quite unique and although perfect for any business this device really does lend itself well to hospitality and table service.

With built in BT and Wi-Fi capabilities, the PAT-120 for Windows equips your staff with complete mobility whether they are processing payments in-store or at a fair, special event, or sidewalk sale. Features include;

  • Portable Compact Design
  • Flexible Payment Processing
  • Intuitive Operating System

Partner Tech Audrey

Audrey represents the most luxurious EPOS system in our range, powered by either Android or Windows it can operate across all platforms. Its powerful processing capabilities are matched perfectly by the stunning colour choices and super wide screen if needed. The device also has a huge range of peripherals available too meaning it really can excel in any role and any sector.

The Audrey Family is a reflection of Partner Tech’s future vision of the POS with complimentary stylish features and innovative design. You can choose three different display sizes, starting from 15 inches with a classical 4:3 format to 15.6 inches and 21.5 inches in widescreen. A technologically rich solution that offers industrial grade performance with a high-quality design will make a dramatic statement in your store’s environment or hospitality area.

Epos Now C15:

The C15 from EPOS Now is a truly traditional and reliable system, powered by windows and developed just for EPOS Now it really does perform its role perfectly, This device can be seen in every town across the UK in huge numbers and is one of the most popular systems across all sector types. We can offer for all integration in terms of card payments too which make this a great solution for any business owner who is looking for a device aimed at real pace and volume.

Perfectly suited for busy retail environments. Can be easily scaled from a single system to multi-site. Everything is included to get you up and running with no hidden costs.

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