Service Central provides a bespoke consultation service for Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems to its customer facing clients.

We will tailor an EPOS system to your business and irrespective of whether you use Apple, Android, traditional desktop or touch screen computers, Windows or other software, we will integrate your EPOS into your business processes.

An EPOS system can really put you in control of your business. As a business owner, you need to know which products are selling well and how much business you are doing through card payments. An EPOS will provide this information in report form, plus much more.

Customer information will be stored securely and password protected. When you can see your customers buying profiles you can send them general marketing information or target them specifically with products they have bought or shown an interest in in the past; providing you have permission from them to do so.

EPOS can play a key role in assessing people performance

An EPOS can identify staff members who are working hard and those who need to improve and do more. It can also be used for clocking in and out electronically.

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Stock Control

With an EPOS system, counting buttons for stock control purposes becomes a thing of the past. The system will provide an up-to-date position of what you have in stock and track sales so that you can see at a glance what you need to order. The information it can be programmed to produce will highlight any discrepancies, such as stock going missing inexplicably, so that you can launch an immediate investigation. For stock control and inventory, an EPOS system will save you time and money.


Accounting becomes so much easier with an EPOS system. You can schedule reports that contain information required by your accountant. The information can also be sent to them directly or plugged in to an accounting app such as QuickBooks.

An EPOS system can handle payroll, too. When used as a clocking in and out tool, it can report on the hours individual members of staff have worked during the pay cycle and calculate how much they are due to be paid.

EPOS systems are Cloud based and secure. They are easy to integrate into your business, and they bring even more advantages than those covered above.

At Service Central we are always looking to save you money and we can use the information generated by your EPOS system to help us to make recommendations on how you can cut costs and increase sales. We will also make sure that your systems are Payment Card Industry Compliant and that you are in compliance with Data Protection regulations.

For an EPOS system that will be a bigger asset to your business than you could imagine, speak to us today. We will explain what a difference it can make.

Register by Smart Volution

At Service Central we believe that technology should be used in such a way that it aids your business and helps you as the business owner take a step back. There are lots of services, and systems which are costly, and slow. Our Register EPOS allows you to take a step back and let the system do the work. The solution is perfect for (not excluded to these businesses); Retail, Hospitality, Health & Beauty and many many more.

Register is a modern, simple to use, cost effective, and innovative EPOS application for any business with the ability to go mobile. Register allows small to medium-sized businesses to harness enterprise efficiencies at an affordable price point. Take card and cash payments, manage stock & customers, book appointments with text reminders, scan barcodes, centralised business reporting and much more.

Not only is it a fantastic software solution, it is also very competitively priced. The software also comes with many key features but most importantly, your whole system can be setup remotely (by yourself or us).

We offer to setup our clients onto the software free of charge so you don’t even need to do that!

Yuma Pos

At Service Central we are proud to provide Yuma Pos for our clients. Yuma Pos is a sales revolution for the hospitality industry, it’s quite simply the most integrated solution available, bringing together online and in store solutions as a combined experience. Yuma Pos can provide you with incredible efficiency in any restaurant which will take your business to the next level.

Yuma Pos is particularly useful when it comes to managing multiple sites as cross estate reporting is so in depth. Speak to our team today about how this solution can support your business.  

Epos Now

Epos now is the UK’s leading Epos brand and at Service Central we are proud to be a platinum partner and able to offer this solution to any business. Epos now is affordable and efficient with more integrations than you can shake a stick at. The system is very versatile and is a great all round solution for every business type.

Some of the integrations include Scales, Handheld Devices, Payment terminals and many more, all of which are available directly from us as a complete integrated solution.

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