Why are we different?

Energy is the Core of your business, and at Service Central we put your business first. Working alongside our Principle Partners we can add value and service to make a difference to your business.

So why are we different? We aren’t affiliated with any energy supplier meaning we can work through the whole market using all of our experience to find you the best options.

Our priority is your business so when we work on these projects, we are working for you.


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How can we help?

Service Central working in Partnership with Fidelity, monitor and use the latest technologies to save your business time and hassle.

With a unique approach to consultancy and flexible contracts your business needs come first. Our monitoring tools put you in complete control of your energy spend and waste can be significantly reduced through our building efficiency expertise.

We care about the environment, community and educating all about the importance of how to use energy responsibly. We work with businesses of all sizes, from local shops to hospitals, factories and schools across the UK.

Supply, Green Energy and Bespoke Products

If the pressing concern for your business is a new supply we can project manage this from planning to construction and installation.

  1. We can provide a range of clean energy options should you want to save money and make your business carbon neutral.
  2. We can provide both Solar PV and Wind Turbines with a full project managed service.
  3. We can provide a range of measures and advice to help you cut energy usage.


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Project Net Zero

Put simply, net zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. The UK Government recently announced that they plan on making certain parts of the ecomony net zero by 2050 and it is rumoured that they will start only considering businesses for grants and other bits of funding who are completely net zero.

So, where do we come in? We have recently launched our brand new initiative which helps your business get ready. Its time to act today!


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Renewable Energy Rates

We have access to the broadest renewable generation portfolio in the UK, including both electricity and gas. We can offer advice and solutions to help minimise your carbon footprint alongside offering 100% renewable tariffs.

We have access to pricing up to and including 5 years time, meaning we can help protect your business for the FUTURE!

Be part of the solution, not the problem!


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Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Electric vehicles are no longer a trend, they are a way forward for business vehicles. Did you know that 75% of businesses are planning to introduce electric vehicles to their fleets and nearly 9 million are expected to be on the road by 2030.

Early adopters are already enjoying huge savings, improving their carbon footprint, increasing employee satisfaction and enhancing their brand reputations.

Your business needs to take advantage of the huge benefits currently available when you install EV charging points in your workplace. You can receive up to £10k to support the installation of EV points at your workplace with the WCS government grant. Our consultative service can help you initiate this into your business, from supporting with the installs to the reporting going forward.


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Service Central launches IPSUM!

A fantastic, new cloud based, data driven carbon management and reporting tool to help your business. IPSUM helps any business to move from manual reporting to advanced data analytics that can drive decisions on your sustainability strategy. The smarter your view, the more reliably informed your actions will be.

IPSUM brings all data together, putting you in control. This control follows a logical path through your activities, from end to end, addressing the fundamentals of operational, compliant, and transparent operations. IPSUM enables any business to benchmark, track and monitor the environmental and energy performance of your global organisation, on a yearly, monthly, daily or even hourly basis.

IPSUM helps:
• Reduce costs across your supply and value chain
• Minimise environmental impact through reductions in energy usage
• Understand supply chain risks and move to greener process/products
• Meet existing and future legislation
• Win government and public sector tenders by demonstrating green sustainability credentials


How can IPSUM help you?


Switch Once, Switch Forever

With our “Switch Once Switch Forever” service you never have to worry about energy again…We will switch you now and then manage that ongoing forever making sure you always have the best possible price. Using our industry knowledge we can take that stress and pressure away from your business!!

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